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IAA 2017 Day Two: All the news and photos from Frankfurt Motor Show

Day two of the IAA 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is here, and we’re receiving car news by the truckload. Here you’ll find all the details, including IAA 2017 news, dates, schedule – and cars, of course.

The Internationale Automobil-Austellung – commonly known as the Frankfurt Motor Show – is officially underway, and we’re expecting major news from some of the world’s biggest car brands, including BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

Read on for all the details.

IAA 2017 News: The latest news, announcements and cars from the Frankfurt Motor Show

Audi at IAA 2017

Audi used the IAA 2017 to show off a brand new version of the Audi R8 sports cars, duly dubbed the Audi R8 V10 RWS.

As the name suggests, it’s got a powerful V10 engine and operates on a rear-wheel drive system – unique to this model alone. It’s 50kg lighter than its predecessor, starts at £110,000, and will only be available to 999 customers globally.

Credit: Audi

The German carmaker also showed off its vision for the future of driving in the form of the Audi Aicon. A somewhat wacky concept car, the Aicon has no pedals or steering wheel, instead carting round passengers in fully autonomous fashion.

Audi hopes that one day, rich people will sit in the back of the Aicon and enjoy luxury comforts, like hi-res movies and chairs that can move around the back of your car. Fancy, eh?

Bentley at IAA 2017

Bentley used the IAA 2017 motor show to finally debut its all-new Bentley Continental GT. The third-generation grand tourer replaces the old model, which ran/runs from 2011 to 2018.

We’ve not got pricing yet, but we’re expecting the new car to arrive on driveways in the UK in the first quarter of 2018.

In a statement, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer described the car as a “defining moment” for Bentley Motors. It’s easy to see why; the meaty tourer can output an impressive 626bhp, and promises a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds, as well as a top speed of 207mph.

BMW at IAA 2017

BMW managed to secure plenty of hype around its new concept car, the BMW i Vision Dynamics.

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Formally debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the BMW i Vision Dynamics is an all-electric vehicle that sits between the existing BMW i3 and BMW i8.

Credit: BMW

It boasts a range of 600km (373 miles), manages a nippy top speed of over 200kmh (120mph), and can accelerate from zero to 100kmh (62mph) in just four seconds. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when (or even if) this car will become a production model, so exercise patience for now.

Bugatti at IAA 2017

The Bugatti stand was drawing plenty of attention at the Frankfurt Motor Show, largely on account of the Bugatti Chiron stationed there.

If you missed the hype, here’s the deal: this vehicle set the production car record for accelerating from zero right up to 249mph (400kmh) and then back to zero again. It managed that impressive feat in just 42 seconds, which is probably quicker than the time it took me to write these two paragraphs.

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