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Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid SUV

You wouldn’t have to travel back too many years to live in a world where a fast, hybrid SUV that was fun to drive was not a type of car you could buy.

Demand for SUVs and crossovers combined with the pressure for better fuel economy has, however, spawned cars such as the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid. It serves up the vaunted high driving position and practicality of an SUV, along with the performance you’d expect from a Porsche. The hybrid system means official economy is higher than a conventionally powered Cayenne and enables you to drive on pure electricity in slow traffic or for short distances.

The Cayenne is one of the very best large SUVs in terms of handling and straight-line speed. While the BMW X5 and Land Rover Sport are more refined, they can’t match how close the Cayenne comes to feeling like a sports car.

If driving thrills, a spacious interior, a big boot and a luxurious finish are your top priorities for an SUV, along with some ‘green’ credentials, it’s hard to look past the Cayenne S E-Hybrid. The only major downside for potential owners is how much it costs.

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